Announcement: Commissions Are Tripling 10/1/12
Explanation: Since August 2011, this program has been successful with commissions for referred sales of $100, as explained in the video above.  Starting October 2012, commissions for referred sales will either be $200 or $300 each. 

Your first sale will be $200. When you have two months in a row with referred sales, the earned commission for the current sale is $300. This is obviously huge news so I'll say it again another way. If you refer 1 sale every month, that will earn you $300 per sale instead of $100 per sale that we've paid previously.

Work From Home Making Money on Craigslist.

We are currently taking applications for our work at home, independent marketer position. With this position, we only require you to work 1 hour per month, posting ads on craigslist. This one hour per month, equates to about 5 minutes a day, every other day, so that you post 12 ads per month. This position is ideal for people who have some spare time that they can use, to earn some extra income. This is a job where we pay you. There is nothing for you to buy, as craigslist is free. We first launched this position in August of 2011, and have had great success. The lowest earnings someone has made is about $25/hr. and we've had multiple people earn as high as $200 (now $600) per hour making money on craigslist. Many of our marketers are stay at home moms, who have a reliable home computer, and good internet connection. We also have a lot of men working in this position, that have other careers, but that take 5 minutes, 3 times per week to post an ad on craigslist, so they can earn some spare cash.

The service that you will be marketing in your craigslist ad, is website design and internet marketing. You can look up the details at, but I will simply say that there is no service like this anywhere, and we are doing some exciting things to help small business owners succeed online.

When you get hired for our work at home postion, you will simply begin posting an ad on craigslist, every other day. Don't worry if you haven't done this before. It will be helpful if you know your way around a computer, but we have set up a training program to show you what to do at each step, so that you will be able to post an ad in between 3 to 5 minutes. We have set up a system that tracks how many people click on your ad, how many of them become leads for us, and when a sale is made, you get credit for the sale, and earn $100 (Now $200 or $300). It's that simple. Again, it doesn't cost any money to do this... craigslist is free, and you don't have to do any sales, we do that part. You just put up an ad on craigslist, every other day, and we track and take care of everything else.

Now I want to share an example of the success that our marketers have had with this program. I'll start with our worst case example. Caitlin is a stay at home mom, and is comfortable with a computer. From the beginning, she has been very consistent in posting 3 craigslist ads per week. Now get this, in her first 3 1/2 months, her ads resulted in no sales, but she stuck with it, and after 4 months, she finally had a sale, and earned $100. If you add up the time she put in, it was a little under 4 hours total to post all of these ads. It takes less than 5 minutes to post an ad. If you post 12 ads per month, this time adds up to 1 hour. Doing this for 4 months she had put in about 4 hours of work, so her commission of $100 equals $25/hr. Needless to say, she was pretty excited about her first sale. The cool thing is, this story gets better. The next month, she did not have a sale, but the month after that, she had 2 sales. If you average those 2 sales over the two months, it comes out to $100 per hour.

Now while Caitlin started out as our worst case scenario, what she has is consistency and dedication. As a best case scenario, we have had multiple individuals start out posting ads in the same way, and make 2 sales in their first month, which comes out to $200 per hour.
If you're the kind of person who will get bored with posting an ad to craigslist every other day, and will quit after a few weeks if you don't yet have a sale, please just allow others to apply. On the other hand, if you are capable of consistency, and you have a good computer and a reliable internet connection, then please register in the box to the right, and apply to be one of our independent marketers.

Why does this program work so well? Honestly, I don't know the answer, but we make tons of sales from craigslist, and we could really use your help. I look forward to working with you.

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